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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Walgreens
Q: How do I get Walgreens online coupons?
A: You can get online coupons for Walgreens at walgreens.com. Click on the 'Weekly Ad & Coupons' tab on the main navigation menu, and click on 'Browse Coupons' button. Then 'clip' whichever coupon you would like to use for your purchase!
Q: Are Walgreens digital coupons manufacturer coupons?
A: Yes. Walgreens digital coupons are Manufacturer Coupons. This means that you cannot stack them with paper coupons, but you can stack them with Walgreens Store Coupons.
Q: How do Walgreens coupons work?
A: Walgreens take both Manufacturer's Coupons, and Paperless Coupons, both online and in-store. You'll need to sign up for Walgreens Register Rewards to receive checkout coupons, and Walgreens Balance Rewards for the paperless coupons and the loyalty program.